English for Specific Purposes

General English

This course helps students to improve their communication skills in everyday situations. Reading, writing and listening skills are incorporated into each lesson as well as opportunities to refine pronunciation skills.


This course is aimed at all staff working within law enforcement. It supports them by increasing their ability to communicate in English in their daily jobs. It provides them with the skills to deal with all situations and enables them to explain clearly the consequences of any illegal actions.

Oil and Gas

This course teaches English in context so that students can practise the language and skills they need within the gas and oil industry. Students are also able to apply their knowledge to a range of practical situations e.g. drilling, safety, repairs and maintenance.


Our English course for Aviation is ideally suited for pilots and air traffic controllers who need to prepare for the language fluency test required by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). The course is led by a qualified pilot and lecturer who has been a consultant on the OAA/ER ‘English Test for Aviation’.


This is an ideal course for medical professionals who wish to improve their communication skills, particularly those that are focused on interactions with patients and colleagues. Students are provided with essential medical vocabulary so they can describe signs of illness.

Business English

Do you need to improve your knowledge of English so you can communicate better at work? If so then Business English is the ideal course for you as it focuses on the communication skills needed in different business situations. The course is highly practical enabling students to practise language in a work-related context. In addition support is provided for other aspects such as business writing, presentation skills and interview techniques.


We are able to provide tuition and support for a range of exams including:

  • IELTS (Academic, General Training and Life Skills) Preparation
  • FCE / CAE exams preparation
  • Trinity ESOL examination
  • Aviation English Language Proficiency test (ICAO-International Civil Aviation Organization, Level Four and above)

Tour Guide

Cultural Tours

ESP Base also provides a full programme of extra-curricular activities and trips that teach you about different aspects of British culture and history. This improves your understanding of the English language outside the classroom by introducing you to the contexts in which it is spoken.

Exploring Oxford

This city has a long and interesting history dating back to Saxon times. You can tour several of the beautiful colleges of Oxford University and a range of fascinating museums such as the Ashmolean (Art and Archaeology) and Pitt Rivers (World Cultures).

Trip to London

This exciting capital city is a great place to practise English. You might want to explore the huge variety of amazing museums and tourist attractions, such as the Natural History Museum or the London Eye, or do some shopping. All of these activities provide opportunities to try out your English language skills in real situations.


This course meets the English language needs of military personnel and helps them to foster better understanding and co-operation while carrying out their duties. The course will help them to gain practical communication skills so that they can fulfil all aspects of their role. This includes support for improving their writing skills in order to write clear messages and produce reports.



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