Do you want to communicate better in English? We provide courses for a wide range of professions and can help you with all your language learning needs.

Are you a pilot or an air traffic controller? Do you need to prepare for the language fluency test required by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)?

We can provide bespoke courses tailored to all your requirements. In addition we offer cultural tours of Oxford and London led by knowledgeable tutors.

Our intensive courses can be completed in hours, so you can make progress quickly. To talk through your requirements or to request more information see our contact details below.

About Us

Hossein Raisi is a qualified pilot as well as a lecturer on Association of Business Executives Levels 4-7. He has an MBA from the University of Wales along with the TESOL Teaching of English as a Second Language and Aviation English Teaching and Rating.

Mr Raisi has been a consultant on the OAA/ER ‘English Test for Aviation’ approved by the UK CAA to assess ICAO language levels and more recently has delivered training to military and air force personnel. Hossein is an approved ELPAC/CETA examiner and rater.




How can I improve my English?

- Communicate with people from other countries in English
- Make friends with people around the world
- Travel to places around the world so you can communicate
- Listen to songs in English and check their lyrics
- Watch Movies in English with English subtitles
- Read graded story books


How can I improve my vocabulary range?

- Use flash cards to memorise them
- Write the new vocabulary down in a notebook
- Revise them often
- Always use monolingual Dictionaries (English to English)
- Look up for new words in an English to English dictionary and do not forget to check the pronunciation, stressed syllable(s) and examples in your dictionary.


How to succeed in IELTS Speaking?

The speaking test has three parts; and you have 15 minutes for this part. You must sound intelligible while framing answers to questions using proper vocabulary and correct grammatical structures. It is a bit difficult but possible!



I would like to thank Mr Raisi for organising such an interesting Business English course for me. I am the CEO of a company in Milan, Italy, and Hossein helped me to improve my Business English.

The course was tailor-made based on my needs and I felt that I gained valuable and useful language structures in order to communicate more effectively in the workplace.

My tutor, Mr Hossein Raisi, is very well organised, professional, creative, interactive and approachable. He shares his knowledge and experience with the students and is practical in his approach. In fact, the course gave me not only the language but also new insights and business ideas which I am now using. I would highly recommend ESPbase’s Business English course to you.”

Adriana Sorbellini
Founder of MILE Bilingual School in Milan


My name is Tian Wen. I’m from China. I arrived in the UK in April [2015]. Before that, I was working for a real estate company as a sales manager. I came to OLC to improve my English, especially for Business English. I finished my five months’ course one month ago. The time I spent here was amazing.
...every week I had five hours of Business English in the afternoon. My Business English teacher was Mr Hossein Raisi. In his lesson I had the chance to interview the Principal of a College in Oxford, to listen to a Finance Manager sharing his working experience and to attend a lecture given by an expert from a security company as part of my Business English lessons.
Hossein also suggested that I took the BEC TEST (Business English Cambridge), which might be helpful for my work in the future. I took his advice and passed the Vantage level exam at the end of the term.

Tian Wen(China)


Mr. Hossein Raisi was my Aviation English teacher six years ago. My company sent us, air traffic controllers from Poland, to the Oxford Academy to help us with preparing to pass a newly-introduced exam ELPAC. I still remember the lessons with Mr. Hossein, so it's my pleasure to share my reflections in public.

I found those lessons very interesting. Our teacher was always well-prepared, kind and very patient. It was easily visible that he liked his job and knew the topic. He explained to us all the details connected to such an amazing phenomenon as the ability to let people fly.
I passed the ELPAC exam and so could continue my work. Thank you very much Mr. Hossein Raisi. I am sure you helped me and you will help all your students. With best regards for all aviation people.

Jolanta Chabelska

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Native speakers and non-native speakers can both succeed as ESL teachers.

There has always been some controversy in the ESL community over the difference between having one or the other teach language courses. Obviously the situation varies from place to place but there are definitely pros and cons for both sides of this debate.

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If you are looking for somewhere to stay during your course we have accommodation available in a pleasant residential area in Oxford. Situated about 3 miles from the city centre with a regular bus serviceyou would stay with a host family. The rooms are comfortable and spacious with breakfast and evening meal provided.



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